Re: more interesting features of 4.2

John Quarterman (jsq@SALLY.UTEXAS.EDU)
Wed, 4 Jun 86 08:38:35 cdt

Right. I had assumed RFC917 was completely superseded when RFC950
came out, but I see it still has quite a bit of useful information in it.

The ARP hack has many deficiencies, as you point out, but many of us
don't have much choice since we have systems to which we don't have
the source and for which the vendor has not yet implemented subnets
(e.g., TOPS-20, Silicon Graphics, Integrated Solutions, Bridge, Sun,
VMS, Ridge, etc. ad nauseum).

Perhaps the MIT ICMP host redirect method is the better interim solution.
Does anyone have anything more to add on that than what's in RFC917?

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