Re: Avalanche

Chris Torek (
Sat, 31 May 86 18:11:40 EDT

Indeed, it seems to me that IP forwarding should default to `off'
on most Unix machines. It also makes sense to disable it if the
machine has only one IP interface; this is what 4.3 does.

For anyone who has not already done it, IP forwarding may be
turned off as follows:

        1) binary-only:
           The first write turns it off in the running kernel; the
           second turns it off in the boot image.
                % su
                # adb -w /vmunix /dev/kmem
                ipforwarding/W 0
                ipforwarding: 1 = 0
                ipforwarding?W 0
                ipforwarding: 1 = 0
                [type ^D here]

        2) source:
           Find the declaration of `ipforwarding' in
           /sys/netinet/ip_input.c; change it to be initialised to zero.


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