Re: Avalanche

James W. O'Toole Jr. (james@CLS.LCS.MIT.EDU)
31 May 1986 0036-EDT (Saturday)

        From: (David C. Feldmeier)
        Subject: Avalanche

        I suspect that on an Ethernet, this would be a bigger mess
        because of the multiple collisions.

I wouldn't expect multiple collisions, just one: then the ``randomness''
in the backoff times ought to break the symmetry. This is an interesting
way to get collisions though. Usually the biggest cause of Ethernet
collisions is the transmission of a long packet. If two other hosts
become ready to transmit during that time, they will both begin
transmitting shortly after the long packet's end.

Curious, the gateway's broadcast acts as a synchronizing event, so that
the independent transmission times assumption fails.


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