Re: {8605.0428} oh mr. postman ...

Mark Crispin (MRC@SIMTEL20.ARPA)
Tue 27 May 86 20:03:12-MDT

Joel -

     ISI's SMTP receiver is, as far as I can tell, unique to ISI. The
standard TOPS-20 SMTP receiver is my MAISER, which does not validate
the host names in MAIL FROM:<...> SMTP commands. The reason it does
not validate the host names in the MAIL FROM is that if it did my
friends at the NIC would not be able to receive HOSTMASTER mail of
the form "Hi, this is FOOBAR, we just got on the net, please add us to
the host table"!!!!

     Since the MAIL FROM host names are only used by the mailer to
return failed mail, this isn't a big deal. Failed messages that can't
be returned end up in the dead letter mailbox (typically POSTMASTER but
not necessarily), where a human can decide whether to keep or toss it

     I ask you not to confuse the two SMTP servers, and I urge the ISI
system management to give serious consideration towards adopting the
standard SMTP server or at least to implement its willingness to accept
mail in spite of possibly bogus return paths.

-- Mark --

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