Re: {8605.0428} oh mr. postman ...

Joel Goldberger (
Tue 27 May 86 16:53:11-PDT

The rejection you are getting is from our SMTP receiver, which (like most
mailers) does not parse either the headers or the text of the message. It
responds only to the SMTP control lines to form both the return-path line
and the received: line. It doesn't like the host specification in the
MAIL FROM:<...> SMTP control line. It doesn't care what is sent after
the DATA SMTP control line (which is where the "Reply-To: " line is).
There are no hard rules on this and our implementation chooses to reject
mail where the only host specified is unknown. UNIX is not so rigorous,
it will accept mail from (or for) any host whether it exists or not, and
will then have no way of informing anyone but the mail system maintainer
that there is a problem. We like the TOPS-20 system better where the
originator has to resolve the problem.

- Joel -

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