{8605.0428} oh mr. postman ...

Benson I. Margulies (Margulies@SCRC-YUKON.ARPA)
Tue, 27 May 86 18:37 EDT

    Date: Tue 27 May 86 14:59:42-PDT
    From: "Joel Goldberger" <JOEL@isi-venera.arpa>


    I have been asked to help with your question about our mailers rejection
    of messages from you. The message you sent to Postmaster claimed a from
    address of Margulies@SCRC-YUKON.ARPA, but this host didn't appear
    anywhere in the Received lines. The only hosts in that line are:


    Our domain resolvers are unable to find any record for the first two of
    these hosts. SCRC-YUKON.ARPA is in both the domain and NIC databases.
    Our TOPS-20 mailers will not accept mail from hosts they cannot resolve.
    Currently our TOPS-20 systems use the NIC table for all lookups, but in
    this case a domain based system would not have helped either.

    You should try to get your mailer to supply at least some honest data
    concerning the route of outgoing mail.

I think that this is reasonable information. The message says on its
face: Reply to me by sending to SCRC-YUKON.ARPA. YUKON is a legitimate,
visible host.

Using the delivery history is flawed. Just because a given chain of
machines participated in getting a message out, dosen't mean that it is
an appropriate return route.

I can sympathize with wanting to toss mail that can't be replied to.
However, the restriction should be that mail is returned if none of the
return-path, the sender, the reply-to or the from address could be
resolved, not if any of them failed to resolve.

Furthermore, just because you cannot parse it now, dosen't mean you
won't be able to later. Surely you have noticed the rather low
availability of most of the domain servers.

(as an aside: as a user, I often know more about mail topology than
 computers, because of the incredibly poor behavior of the domain system
[no zone transfers, etc.] Thus, I would prefer to receive this kind of
mail rather than haveing the SMTP server do me the favor of dropping it
on the ground].

REDWING is my personal machine, which does not offer SMTP, because it
has no file system. SAPSUCKER is an internal mail transfer node, used
to share outgoing mail load. Yukon is the one and only appropriate
place to send me mail, and that's why its in the from line.

I have no control over the delivery history. I can't `put something
reasonable in it', because it is accumulated as the message goes along.
I believe that the protocol states that its purpose is informational,
not prescriptive.

Even if SAPSUCKER and REDWING were in the host databases, using the
return path to return the mail would fail.

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