TCP/IP Vendors Workshop

27 May 1986 09:18:27 PDT

separate divisions in some cases) and want to have attendees who are
repared to discuss in detail their implementation problems and
suggestions for solutions. If you know of companies that are missing from
this list please let me know of them. If you are a customer of commercial
TCP/IP products and would like to make sure that your Vendor(s)
participate in this workshop please let them know how much you care.

ACC, Alliant, Amdahl, Apple, Applitek, Apollo, AT&T, BBN, BDM, Bridge,
Burroughs, CDC, Cisco, Computer Network Technology, CMC, Convergent,
Convex, Cray, CSC, Data General, Datapoint, DEC, Encore, Elxsi,
Excelan, Ford Aerospace, Fortune, Frontier Technologies, FTP Inc.,
Gould, Honeywell, HP, IBM, Imagen, Intel, Interlan (Micom), Internet
Systems Corp., Kinetics, LMI, Locus, Mitre, NCR, Network Research
(Oxnard), Network Research (Salt Lake), Network Solutions, NSC,
Panda Programming, Perkin-Elmer (now called Concurrent Computing),
Plexus, Prime, Process Software, Proteon, Pyramid, QMI, Ridge, SAI,
Scope, SDC, Softsel, Spartacus, Sperry, SRI, Sun, Symbolics, Sytek,
Tandem, Tektronix, TI, 3Com, Ungermann-Bass, Uniq, Unisoft, Vitalink,
Wollongong, Xerox.


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