TCP/IP Vendors Workshop

27 May 1986 09:18:27 PDT

The Internet Activities Board (IAB), in cooperation with DARPA, will
hold a TCP/IP Vendors Workshop from 25-27 August, 1986 in
Monterey, California. The purpose of the workshop is to bring
together the designers of the TCP/IP protocol suite with the
implementors of those protocols in the commercial marketplace to go
over the meaning of the current protocols and planned future
extensions. The workshop will begin with presentations by experts
from the research community on the current status of ARPANET and DDN's
MILNET, future directions of research, gateway issues, and on
migration to ISO standards. Then the workshop will shift into a
series of sessions on specific topics (as listed below) that will
begin with a statement of known open issues on each topic followed by
questions from the implementors for each other or for the the experts.
Some sessions topics will undoubtedly need more time than others and
topics that have been left out will be accomodated as they arise.

Session Topics::

Specifications and Testing: ULANA, Testing/Certification, Assigned
     Numbers, Official Protocols

Files: FTP, TFTP

Mail: SMTP, User Mail Agents, MMM, X.400.

Telnet: Telnet, Telnet Options

Transactions: Domain Names, Remote Procedure Calls

Transport: TCP, Retransmission, UDP

Network: IP, ICMP, Fragmentation, Security, Precedence (TOS), Gateways
          (EGP, GGP, IGP), Routing, Subnetting

Data Link: ARP, RARP, Address Mapping

Physical: 1822, X.25, Ethernet, Token Ring, Token Bus, Satellite,
          Packet Radio

One of the results of the workshop will be an indication of the need
for further such workshops or perhaps some other format for exchanging
information amongst the multitude of participants in the TCP/IP arena.

The list that follows is comprised of companies that are believed to
be heavily involved with commercial products in the TCP/IP

To obtain an invitation to this workshop please contact the Workshop
Chair, Dan Lynch. I may be reached at Lynch@USC-ISIB.ARPA or at

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