J. Spencer Love (JSLove@MIT-MULTICS.ARPA)
Fri, 23 May 86 15:41 EDT

Yesterday, 22 May 1986, CISL-SERVICE-MULTICS.ARPA ( went off
the air. The Cambridge Information Systems Lab closed its doors today.

At some future time, probably in about 2 months, a new Multics will come
on the ARPAnet at a different Honeywell location in Billerica, MA. The
name and address are not definitely known at this time.

For the moment, all mail intended for recipients at
instead. This includes mail destined for other non-Internet sites which
uses CISL-DEVELOPMENT-MULTICS.ARPA as a gateway. For example, Multics
users in Phoenix, AZ, receive mail as

To the best of our ability, all mail will be delivered by MIT-Multics to
the same parties as CISL-Service-Multics would have. It is possible
that for the first few days some mail might be rejected, but it will not
be delivered to the wrong person.

The host table from SRI-NIC and the ARPA domain servers will be updated
soon to show all the names of CISL-SERVICE-MULTICS.ARPA as addnames on
MIT-MULTICS.ARPA. However, this may not be accomplished until next week
some time, and that host table may take several days to be picked up by
the various hosts, so mail addressed to CISL-SERVICE-MULTICS will be
returned by mailers as undeliverable.

We apologize for the inconvenience. If your host is known by you to
handle significant volume mail to CISL, please consider manually
updating your host table or patching your mailer queues. Otherwise,
when asked what to do about returned mail, either advise your users of
the change or ask them to resend it after the domain server or local
host table have been updated.

We are concerned that subscribers not be dropped from digests because of
an essentially temporary outage. Please feel free to forward this
message to any other mailing lists or parties who might be affected.

                    -- Spencer Love for Liaison@MIT-MULTICS.ARPA

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