Re: The Big Bug?

Greg Skinner (
Fri, 23 May 86 10:10:34 PDT

> What do hosts do when they are redirected via a "gateway" that is not
> on their directly-connected net?

4.2 hosts running BBN TCP/IP ignore redirects from gateways which are
not on their directly attached net. In addition, there is a notion of
the "connected set of gateways" which are allowed to send redirects to
the host. It starts with the "default" gateway, installed by the system
manager. The default gateway may redirect the host to another gateway
if there is a better route, and any other gateways put in the routing
tables from similar redirects may do likewise. A gateway which has not
been "installed" from previous redirects cannot redirect the host -- in
fact the code is commented "Who are you, and why are you talking to us,
and how do we know the IP source is not a lie?"


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