The Big Bug?

Tom Perrine (Perrine@LOGICON.ARPA)
22 May 86 16:16 PDT

This is really a dumb question, prompted by the recent
comment about using ICMP redirects to tell local hosts
where to send things...

I get the impression that most (or at least, some) TCP/IP implementations
will accept a redirect from anyone. Is this true? If so...

What is to stop me (or Kevensky Gregory Breznhev) from sending a
redirect to every host on my net, i.e. MILNET, indicating (for example)
that they should send all of their ARPA traffic to me?

My host could then copy all of the packets and forward them to the
proper gateway. Talk about Big Brother, not to mention the performance

I am sure that I am missing something, this couldn't be true!


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