4.3(beta) subnets & routed

Chris Torek (chris@brillig.umd.edu)
Thu, 22 May 86 04:13:43 EDT

This is perhaps obvious in retrospect, but it is a bad idea to run
routed between two machines with different subnet masks. Boy do
they get confused. Sorry about all those UMDNET packets that sprayed
out into the MILNET (though that may have been due to an unrelated
mistake). (We just turned on subnets, and I did it in phases. That
was a mistake. Do it all at once!)

Other than that, hey!, it works very well indeed. You will need
to use `route -n add <subnet> <gateway> <metric>' (note the `-n')
if your subnet gateways do not run routed. I am not sure what
happens if they do: ours are not under my control (for which many
are no doubt grateful :-) ).


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