ICMP redirects

Joe Weening (JJW@SU-AI.ARPA)
21 May 86 0915 PDT

What do the ICMP redirects that are used to fool Unix contain in the
field that is supposed to be the Internet header of the original
datagram causing a redirect? Can you just make up some values to
cause the action that you desire?

It would seem that hosts should do some validity checking on redirects
before believing them. This should include checking the Internet
header field to see if it corresponds to a packet that was sent out.
It would also be useful to see if the gateway sending a redirect is in
fact the one to which the original message was sent, and ignore it if
not. But this is complicated by the fact that it is apparently legal
for a gateway to use any of its addresses as the IP source address of
the redirect.

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