Fiber-optic Ethernet Extender

Geof Cooper (imagen!geof@decwrl.DEC.COM)
Tue, 20 May 86 14:53:23 pdt

Sorry that this is a little off the topic, but someone on this list
probably knows the answer to this question.

We are in need of a way to extend our network across a conduit to an
adjacent building. To simplify matters, we'd like to use an "ethernet
extender" device that hooks two halves of an ethernet together
with a fiber optic cable and looks like a repeater (?). I seem to
remember that something like this exists, but I don't remember much
about it. Does anyone know about such a product?

Does anyone have clever ideas of how to connect two ethernets in
different but adjacent buildings (don't bother to tell me about
gateways, I know about them).

- Geof Cooper

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