4.2bsd gateways

Bruce J. Nemnich (bruce@Think.Com)
Tue, 20 May 86 15:33:51 edt

I have heard many things about deficiencies of 4.2bsd as internet gateways. I
know some of these involve old bugs which I have fixed in our kernel, and some
are just unimplemented (like sending ICMP redirects), and some just result in
poor efficiency. However, I would really like to hear the whole scoop on what
needs to be done to get it right; up until know I haven't been too concerned
becuase our ``gateway'' is the primary machine here, so it doesn't do too much
forwarding. It seems to work fine to other unix machines, but the throughput
that Symbolics lispmachines see is horrible. Also, how different is the 4.3

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