Re: Port Multiplexing Details

19 May 1986 20:18-PDT

Let's try and make this as simple as possible, at least for the
TCP side. I haven't taken a look at the UDP stuff yet, but there
may be a totally seperate solution.

Having yielded to the original point that a multiplexing port is
necessary, I went back and took a look at the spec and came up
with the following:

1) Assign a standard TCP port for a Contact by Name server.

2) Define a TCP option - Contact Name, give is some reasonable
maximum. (32 chars?

3) The Contact Name option is only valid in a packet containing a
SYN. (Just like the max seg size option).

4) Multiplexing is still done at the TCP level, based on ports
and host addresses. In fact, once the connection is open, there
is no difference in the way it is handled.

Looking at the implementations I am familiar with (Multics,
UNIX), this shouldn't be difficult to implement at all.


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