Re: IF-11Q/1822 Device Driver

/Steve Dyer (dyer@harvard.HARVARD.EDU)
Mon, 19 May 86 20:24:26 -0500

I might mention that the combination of a Unibus LH-DH/11 and
an Able Qniverter for your MicroVAX would do quite nicely,
and will run 'out of the box' with the standard 4.2/Ultrix if_acc.c
driver. This is especially attractive because no UNIBUS backplane
is needed, just a UNIBUS cable from the Qniverter into the LH/DH-11.
Perhaps it's not cost-effective for wholly new systems, but it's
a great way to avoid trashing newly obsoleted LH/DH-11's when your
VAX750's and VAX780's are upgraded to MicroVAX-II's.

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