re: port collisions

Benson I. Margulies (Margulies@SCRC-YUKON.ARPA)
Mon, 19 May 86 07:26 EDT

    Date: Thu, 15 May 86 22:23 PDT
    From: Provan@LLL-MFE.ARPA

    just out of curiousity, why is it so important that you not publish your
    protocol as an RFC? is it just secret and yo udon't want it to be copied
    or is there soem other reason?

    just so my cards are on the table, i do work for a private, for profit,
    TCP protocol development firm, so be sure not to give me any secrets.

At this time, we have no protocols that we with to treat as proprietary.

We do have protocols that are complex and not seperately documented.
Commented Lisp code is clear to those who have to maintain the works.

To go back and write an RFC just to get a port number is a lot of work,
since we don't need it and I imagine that no one else will ever use
these protocols.

The importance of avioding RFC's is that as a vendor it makes us
uncomfortable to have to interact with something like a number czar to
extend our product. It introduces unpredictable timing and adds

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