Re: Redirect wars and Buterfly gateways

Barry Leiner (leiner@RIACS.ARPA)
16 May 1986 1438-PDT (Friday)

A little history.

The butterfly processor (named because of the interconnection strategy
between the multiple processors which is similar to the butterfly of
the FFT) was first developed as a voice multiplexer/packetizer for the
Wideband Satellite Network project and was called the voice funnel.

It was then decided that it would be a good processor for the next
generation of gateway and high speed packet switch for the Wideband

When the strategic computing program started, it was then considered
and pursued as a possible architecture for parallel processing in
general (as opposed to dedicated use such as a packet switch).

The monarch is the next generation of butterfly machine, using more
extensive VLSI particularly in the interconnection switching.

All of this was done by BBN under the sponsorship of DARPA.

Hope this helps.



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