Re: Port Collisions

Marshall Rose (mrose@nrtc-gremlin)
Fri, 16 May 86 00:26:11 -0700

    I'm not going to get into an argument about how people doing
    "independent, exploratory research of completely unrelated problem
    domains" should interact with a numbers czar on call 24-hours a day.
    That's silly, right? But wouldn't it be okay to have a tacit
    agreement between people doing development work about the port space
    being used for "independent, exploratory research of completely
    unrelated problem domains" is divided up? (i.e., Benson's group
    gets 600-699, David's group gets 700-799, etc., etc.).

    No matter how complex you make the port space (e.g., go from 16-bit
    integers to null-terminated strings of arbitrary length), you will
    still run into collisions. There has to be some authority somewhere
    which maintains a registry, binding on all parties, which assigns
    protocols to the port space.


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