Redirect wars and Buterfly gateways

Jeff Makey (Makey@LOGICON.ARPA)
15 May 86 14:28 PDT

This month's issue (May) of "Mini-Micro Systems" has a blurb in the
"Breakpoints" section (page 20) about a system called "Monarch", from
BBN Laboratories which will have 8,192 parallel processors of an
undisclosed type. In the paragraph they mention that, for those who
can't wait for Monarch, BBN is shipping something called the "Butterfly"
system consisting of 256 Motorola MC68020 processors working in
parallel. Is this any relation to the much-alluded-to "Butterfly
gateway" which is supposed to save us from the ravages of brain-dead

Speaking of brain-dead gateways, we have had some more instances of the
ICMP "redirect wars". This morning SRI-MILNET-GW redirected us to
BBN-MILNET-GW, who redirected us back to SRI-MILNET-GW. This happened
11 times in 29 seconds while trying to establish a connection.
A reponse came in 23 seconds, but after we had timed out.

Obviously this is sub-optimal...

Tom Perrine & Jeff Makey

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