Re: Port Collisions

Wed, 14 May 86 11:07 EDT

    Date: Wed, 14 May 86 02:37:25 PDT

    I like your second suggestion, but somebody is bound to ignore it
    because it takes an extra packet to get started.

For reference, I suggest people read the documentation for the CHAOSNET
protocol, MIT A.I. Memo 628. Basically, CHAOSNET wins in the connection
initiation methodology and the IP-class of protocols lose. Small fields
(read: numbers) that require a number czar make ease of extension very
difficult. In chaos it is easy to say "I want to invent a protocol
called RESET-TIME-SERVER" because the name of the protocol can also be
the contact name used in the RFC (SYN, for TCP folks).

I have a feeling TP4 loses in this respect as well.

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