Re: Port Collisions

13 May 1986 18:38-PDT

I am not sure I see the problem here. A "private file protocol"
is just that - PRIVATE. It is run between machines that make the
assumption that they are all running the same private protocol.
Or is there the possibility that one machine is running multiple
PRIVATE file protocols?

Either a protocol is a network wide standard - implying that is
is documented, and that it is designed for at least a minimum of
interoperability - or it is private, with little or no public
documentation, and with no designed interoperability. In this
context, I am talking about global interoperability, not just
interoperability between UNIX systems for example.

I can see some advantage though in providing some sort of
sentinal as part of the PRIVATE protocols to say "I am running
FOO as my private protocol, go away if you don't talk FOO". But
wouldn't this more properly be part of the protocol? Each
protocol should do some confirmation for robustness purposes,


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