info on cisco

Doug Faunt (spar!faunt@decwrl.DEC.COM)
Sat, 10 May 86 22:24:27 pdt

v.35 (for muxing high-speed (usually 56Kb) phone lines onto ethernet)
nterface is $2K. Advantages: has run onder 24 different implementations
of IP/TCP and has all boot loaders, servers, and net mgmt. stuff in ROM
in the box, so you don't need any other box to do diagnostics or traffic
management. Also, the command lang. interface is very good, and nearly
everything is user-settable in the config. files. Two levels of password
protection on idividual lines to net segments. Fast: 1200 pps burst.

For more information, contact cisco or BOSACK@SU-SCORE.ARPA

I don't work for cisco, but my boss does.

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