TCP retransmissions from NIC
10-May-86 04:47:32-UT


Thanks to Alan Hill of BBN and Bob Knight and Mark Lottor at NIC for their
comments on my message about excessive TCP retransmissions. Measurements made
tonight (about 0400Z) show some improvement. Via the NIC MILNET address,
ARPANET/MILNET gateway complex, DCN-GATEWAY and 4800-bps line to DCN6.ARPA,
about one packet in 23 was dropped and one packet in seven was an old
duplicate. Via the NIC ARPANET address and the same path, about one packet in
212 was dropped and one packet in 14 was an old duplicate. These figures
represent a significant improvement over the figures I reported last week, but
still leave room for improvement. I have not measured the performance via
higher-speed paths, but suspect it is much better than before. I would like to
thank the folk both at NIC and BBN for their quick response and prompt action
on my message.


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