4.2/4.3 subnetting

Jon Solomon (JSOL@BUCS20.BU.EDU)
Fri, 9 May 1986 10:05 EDT

    Date: Friday, 9 May 1986 00:15-EDT
    From: Ron Natalie <ron at BRL.ARPA>
    To: Jon Solomon <JSOL>
    cc: tcp-ip at sri-nic.arpa
    Re: 4.2/4.3 subnetting

    By the way, if you plan to talk to 4.2 machines using the ARP
    hack (i.e. you are going to treat the 4.2 machines as being
    ignorant about subnets), you must fix the code that references
    the "oldmap" variable as this will prevent ARP from working on
    the entire 16 bit address.


Explain more.....Do you have such a fix?


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