4.2/4.3 subnetting

Jon Solomon (JSOL@BUCS20.BU.EDU)
Thu, 8 May 1986 20:13 EDT

I have received numerous replies to my subnetting queries and
here is a summary of the results.

1) Subnets aren't anywhere near fully implemented in the field.
With the growing number of networks out there and the finite
amount of network space it makes sense to utilize all the resources
as well as one can.

2) 4.2 has no subnetting support. 4.3 apparently does have full
subnetting support.

3) If you have ARP based networks then you can use a hack to implement
subnets. This is known as "the ARP hack". I now have a copy of
this hack for 4.3, but are in need of it for 4.2. Does anyone have
a copy of it they'd be willing to give me?

Oh, incidentally the 4.3 ARP hack implementation can be gotten from
sally.utexas.edu using the anonymous FTP convention, if memory serves.

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