Re: Cisco

William (BillW@SU-SCORE.ARPA)
8 May 1986 16:14-PDT

        cisco Systems, Inc
        PO Box 475
        Menlo Park, CA, 94026
        (415) 326-1941
        5106016967 (telex)

They sell the IP gateway, a terminal server (talks TCP), and the MEIS,
a massbus ethernet interface (eg for 20's). The gateway supports
"Sun" 3Mb ethernet interfaces, 3com 10Mb interfaces, Interlan/micom
10Mb interfaces, ACC 1822 interfaces, and 56Kbps serial links, and
others (up to 4 at once). The box is multibus based, so other
interface support is feasible. Full support of IP, TCP, ICMP, EGP,
ARP, Subnets, etc, and "IGP" (Internal Gateway Protocol (supports
multipath routing, etc)).

Stanford has about 25 of the "non-production" version linking together
their 60 odd cable segments, along with about 60 of the "terminal
servers". It all works quite well.

Disclaimer: I dont for for cisco, but my boss does. I DO work for Stanford.


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