Net Bios on top of TCP/IP

Stan Ames (sra@mitre-bedford.ARPA)
Thu, 08 May 86 19:03:27 -0500

Recently several vendors (including Excelan, UB, and CMC) have anounced
products that support the IBM/Microsoft Net Bios on top of the TCP/IP/UDP
internet protocols for IEEE 802.3 LAN products.

Unfortuantly each has interfaced Net Bios to the internet protocols in a
somewhat different mannor. MITRE under the direction of the ULANA program
office is attempting to bring the vendors together to agree on an interface
specification. In order to be successful each of the vendors must participate
and users must make their desires for vendor interoperability known to the

Anyone that is involved in an inpending implementation of Net Bios on the
internet protocols is encouraged to participate.

Stan Ames

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