ULTRIX 1.2 brokeness

Louis A. Mamakos (louie@trantor.UMD.EDU)
Thu, 8 May 86 11:48:45 EDT

They did it again. After all of the flaming about the proper thing for
a user telnet program to send for an end-of-line sequence, the ULTRIX 1.2
release is STILL broken.

It seems that too many vendors assume that the correct thing is what UNIX
does. These protocols are not defined by their actions, but by the
specifications in the RFCs. The Wollongong people have this same problem,
and are even more unresponsive to the user's needs then most vendors are.

It's only a 3 line fix to make TELNET work. Oh well.

Louis A. Mamakos WA3YMH Internet: louie@TRANTOR.UMD.EDU
  University of Maryland, Computer Science Center - Systems Programming

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