Re: 1822/X.25 interoperability question

Robert Myhill (
Tue, 6 May 86 13:21:35 EDT

Here are some facts on X.25/1822 interoperability:

        o In order for an X.25 host and an 1822 host to
           communicate, the PSN connected to the X.25 host must be
           running PSN Release 6.0 (note that the PSN at the 1822
           end of the connection, or any PSN in between, need not
           be running PSN Release 6.0).

        o In order for a PSN to be running Release 6.0, it must be
           running on a C/30E.

        o PSN Release 6.0 has been officially released.

        o The hosts at both ends of an X.25 to 1822 connection
           must be running TCP/IP on top.

I've heard that there are at least a couple of MILNET PSNs running
Release 6.0, though I don't know this for a fact.

I hope this helps.


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