1822/X.25 interoperability question

Steven Kahn (steve@aplvax)
Tue, 6 May 86 11:16:17 edt

First, a naive question about 1822/X.25 interoperability.
Is it a reality? We understand that all future PSN hook-ups
require X.25. Does this mean that we could establish TCP
connections via such an interface to another host that is
connected to its PSN via 1822?

Now for a totally unrelated question regarding IBM TCP/IP.
Do any of the software products for IBM (such as the UCLA
code) contain the application level functionality (such
as SMTP, Telnet and FTP) that I am used to in the UNIX
world? For example, is SMTP integrated into IBM's "mailer"?
(You can tell I'm not from the IBM world...)

                Steve Kahn
                Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
                Laurel, MD


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