X.400 Mail Transport

John Demco (demco%ubc.csnet@CSNET-RELAY.ARPA)
Fri, 2 May 86 11:30:19 pdt

I know this isn't TCP related, but I should clarify a bit... The EAN
X.400 message system was developed here at the University of British
Columbia, and development is continuing. Sydney Development has the
commercial rights to EAN.

To get back closer to the topic of TCP... EAN implements class 0 of the
ISO transport protocol. Above is the X.225 session layer. Below are
interfaces to TCP, X.25, DECNET, and TTXP (a protocol based on MMDF for
use on asynchronous lines and ITI connections). I am interested in the
approach proposed by RFC983 too, although I haven't read the document
closely yet.

John Demco

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