Re: X.400 over TCP-IP?

Marshall Rose (mrose@nrtc-gremlin)
Thu, 01 May 86 16:58:10 -0800

    The big problem though is what goes between TCP-IP and X.400.
    Where's the session and presentation stuff? This is what partially
    motivated rfc983 - the iso/ccitt folks are spending the majority of
    their time arguing about addressing, etc. (in general, things that
    got solved fairly well 5 years ago!), and much less work is being
    done on the application stuff. Since all our previous experience
    tells us that doing the higher-level stuff is at least as hard as
    the lower-level stuff, if you're doing iso/ccitt applications, the
    rfc983 approach is a big win.

    (that bit of soap-boxing aside,) I know that the EAN system,
    originally from University of British Columbia, and now from Sydney
    Development Corporation has a TCP/IP interface. John Demco
    ((demco@ubc.csnet) is one of the principle gurus at UBC. Looking at
    the NIC's HOST.TXT, I note that BBN-DIAMOND advertises TCP/X400 in
    addition to TCP/MPM. I've been meaning to ask the Diamond wizards
    about that, but haven't gotten around to it. If ISTC also has
    something, I'd like to hear more.


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