Re: Re: ICMP responses to broadcasts
Mon, 28 Apr 86 10:18:25 EDT

While I agree that there may be some good purist reasons to generate
ICMPs over IP unicasts sent as LAN broadcasts, there are some very compelling
practical reasons not to. If you have a lot of gateways on an ethernet,
and this poor misguided packet arrives, a lot of gateways will generate
ICMPs in perfect synchronization. This will generate a mega-collision
on your Ethernet, which may be a very bad idea. Remember Jeff Schiller's
mail about wedging his DEQNA's over a similar ICMP synchrony?

More directly, I would consider an IP unicast sent to a LAN broadcast
to be a violation of the (unwritten) specs for IP over most LANs.
Bad packets go in the bit-bucket, to make life safe and easy for all of us.

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