re: raw IP through a TAC dialup

John Romkey (romkey@BORAX.LCS.MIT.EDU)
Thu, 24 Apr 86 19:23:12 est

Since it looks like there's a lot of interest in serial line IP and
there's currently no good forum for discussing it, I've created a list
where we can discuss the issues without burdening the rest of tcp-ip
with our wanderings. The list address is
( for those of you who remain undomainified). The request
address is address is I'm willing to maintain
the list for now. I'll arrange some place to keep archives.

Some things to talk about:
        - current implementations
        - addressing: especially dialups
        - error recovery
        - compression
        - whatever everyone else wants to talk about

Maybe after some discussion we can come up with a protocol or set of
protocols for sending IP over serial lines and get them blessed.
                                - john

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