Philosophical question: OSI layers vs DDN protocols

Barry D. Hassler (hassler@lognet2.ARPA)
Thu Apr 24 17:15:05 1986

        A somewhat "philosophical" question for you:

        In comparison with the OSI protocol layers, where does
one place the DDN (ARPANET) protocols? Specifically, in which
protocol are the layer 5 (session) functions subsumed?

        I would feel they are in the top of TCP, while others I
have spoken with say they are in the bottom of the "upper layer
protocols". I have also heard "the session layer is not
implemented at all." Ovviously, it *is* implemented somewhere, so
the source of that statement shall remain forever anonymous.

        There probably is not a "clear-cut" dividing line as to
where the implementation of protocols falls in comparison to
OSI, but for some reason, this question is a matter of hot debate
right now. Any input you may have would be greatly appreciated.
Please send responses directly to me at "hassler@lognet2.ARPA".

Thank You,


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