ULANA specification

Tue, 22 Apr 86 18:17:49 -0500

     A working draft of the ULANA system specification is available for
user and industry review on the milnet. The specification can be FTPed
from mitre-b-ulana. The user name is guest and the password is anonymous.
The specification is in file specs.ulana.

     The purpose of the ULANA I program is to provide a set of standard
components for implementing data communications networks for the Air Force.
This draft specification defines a family of components that can be imple-
mented in a wide variety of local area network configurations to satisfy
Air Force users' unclassified and classified data communications require-

     This specification is also available in the ULANA reading room at
Hanscom AFB, MA. Appointments for the reading room may be arranged through
LT. Sam Current, ESD/DCC-2, 617-271-8517. Your comments on the working
draft are welcome, but we remind you that this does not commit the
Government to actually publishing a ULANA Request for Proposal.

     Please address any comments to comments@mitre-b-ulana.arpa via
electronic mail.

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