netowrk etiquette.
Tue, 22 Apr 86 09:00 EST

>Okay, So everyone agrees that at lest something ought to be
>done. If there is any interest in getting a summary produced,
>I volunteer to do it if I can get the cooperation of others
>on the net.
>If there is sufficient interest in this, let me know. Perhaps
>Chuq can start things off by sending me a copy of his
>"etiquette" document. Would anybody be willing to volunteer
>some time on their host for me to edit this thing? (I only
>have access to E-mail currently). If not, I'll still do it!
>Okay, let's get some ideas and suggestions for things that
>you would like to see put into this document. Also, specific
>actions that the user can take to access groups and networks
>which are not currently known to the NIC.
>Oh yes. Reply to me directly, okay?

     Well, one suggestion is putting a reasonable return address in
anything you send. Please not the above doesn't have one. Sometimes
mailers do strange and wonderful things to addreses such that direct
reply is impossible. Or I might (I didn't in this case) know what
address to return to. If you expect to be called back you should always
leave your phone number and address (a business card?). So how about
an address with a real name at the end if you expect a response. Most
people do this but not everyone by any stretch of the imagination.

     An "etiquette" document is a great idea. How are we to tell people
where to get it? Where's the obvious place? NIC maybe?

     Cheers (and in reponse to my own request),

Chris Johnson
Northeastern University
johnson@northeastern.csnet (CSNET) (ARPA style. This is new, would someone
                               please try it and let me know?)

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