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Hello, John. To respond to your query, my company has had some people working
on precisely the problems you indicated with the SLIP code. Without presenting
a sales pitch, allow me to say that we have a product (called "connect", for
what that's worth) that

(1) uses a serial line protocol (not SLIP) for IP packet transmission,
(2) has been tested from 1200 to 19200 bits per second over serial lines
    (it IS dependent upon the operating system's implementation of TCP/IP)
(3) utilizes a simple handshaking protocol upon initial connection so that
    modems (yes, several sites are running it over unconditioned phone lines
    using 9600bps full-duplex modems) do not have to be dedicated to one
    remote host, and
(4) detects dropped (physical) connections and automatically attempts to
    re-establish the lost link (one can define autodialers to it).

The product is not mature, but it has been running successfully, and the
automatic loss-of-carrier recovery has turned out to be very useful,
especially when operating over noisy phone lines.

I will avoid saying more in the interest of keeping the discussion academic.
I will be happy to provide more details, though, to interested persons.

Marc Elvy (elvy@harvard.HARVARD.EDU is simplest)
Marble Associates, Inc.
Cambridge, Massachusetts
(617) 354-3557

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