Re: UNIX htable and slashes

Mike Karels (
Sun, 20 Apr 86 21:57:54 PST

Although I wasn't directly involved with the request to change the case
of the Berkeley.EDU domain, I was around while it was being discussed.
The intent of the change was to test the ability of the 4.3BSD UNIX
nameserver to maintain case, at the request of several outside organizations.
No one had any expectation that the HOSTS.TXT file would be changed along
with the name server database, and we were as surprised as anyone else
when we were unable to process the new host file. I would suggest
that HOSTS.TXT be changed back to the original all-caps format.
(Otherwise, the Berkeley hosts might as well be lower case along
with the domain name!)

I'm even more surprised at the volume of mail that this has generated.
It took me a lot less time to change the host table scanner than to
filter out all of the junk mail.


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