Re: raw IP through a TAC dialup

19 Apr 1986 17:36:12 EST

In response to the message sent Fri, 18 Apr 86 23:22:41 est from romkey@BORAX.LCS.MIT.EDU

We have been using 1200-bps asynchronous IP connections since 1979 with
generally good results, but usually with hosts which implement the "Nagle
Algorithm" or something similar. The protocol is in fact somewhat fancier
than simple stuff-'n-send and includes timekeeping, address recognition and
reachability determination, but does not retransmit (by intent) in case of
error. See RFC-891 for further details. We also have implemented the MIT
PCIP serial-line protocol to keep our PC's babbling with the Internet.

I have personally used Internet protocols on the Amateur AX.25 packet-radio
channel with mixed results, primarily due to massive congestion and broken
implementations also sharing the channel. See RFC-981 for was stories in that
arena. The raw channel rate is 1200 bps and is shared by up to maybe a hundred
stations at different times, so you can see TCP must be almost as heroic as
when negoitating an ARPANET<->MILNET path nowadays.


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