Re: raw IP through a TAC dialup

Chris Torek (
Sat, 19 Apr 86 02:55:58 EST

SLIP dialins can select their addresses in any number of ways. If
your machine `knows' its own Internet address, it can log in using
a name that `means' that address. If it is willing to take pot
luck, it can log in using a different name which implies an extra
bit of protocol: the remote end will pick a number and send it,
*before* starting up the SLIP protocol.

I prefer that remote machines have fixed addresses, for aesthetic
reasons. If you do not like having one login per remote machine
---though we who use UUCP have found that this is most definitely
a good idea, in general---you can have a different bit of protocol
where the dialling machine gives its number to the dialled machine
before either starts up SLIP.


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