Re: UNIX htable and slashes

John B. Chambers (jbc%mccdb-dillo@mcc.ARPA)
Fri, 18 Apr 86 12:06:47 cst

As I told Ole, yes, 952 mumbles in the assumptions section that no
case distinction is made. That's still no apology for a slightly
defective grammar spec for a file that has been, and for some sites
will continue to be for a while, pretty important. RFC822, Section 3.3,
was a good example of a decent lexical specification (from an
implementor's point of view).

And as Ole mentioned earlier, the "policy" has long been to use
only upper case. Thus, we have a "policy", a "petition", and a
slightly vague specification. The distributed htable addressed
what was once a "safe" (because of "policy"?) subset, I suppose.

[P.S. I liked your closing suggestion. :-) ]

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