Re: UNIX htable and slashes

John B. Chambers (jbc%mccdb-dillo@mcc.ARPA)
Thu, 17 Apr 86 14:06:23 cst

Foo indeed.

A fix has been posted on unix-wizards for the current htable
"problem," but ...

The grammar in rfc952 defines

        <domainname> ::= <hname>
        <hname> ::= <<name>*["."<name>]
        <name> ::= <let>[*[<let-or-digit-or-hyphen>]<let-or-digit>]

What, pray tell, is a <let> ? It certainly doesn't appear later in the grammar.
It's evidently not the same as a <print-char>, used in the definition of
commentary text. Could it be that I'm supposed to go back and read the
"Assumption" that says a "'name' ... is a text string ... drawn from the
alphabet (A-Z), digits (0-9), minus sign (-), and period (.) ...?" Shall
I then infer (A-Z) implies (a-z)? Ok, how about the definition for cputype:

        <cputype> ::= PDP-11/70 | DEC-1080 | C/30 | CDC6400...etc.

Sorry, but my parser doesn't understand "...etc." Likewise for opsys:

        <opsys> ::= ITS | MULTICS | TOPS20 | UNIX...etc.

I haven't seen anything here starting with a digit yet. Do I assume that
3B5 is thus invalid, or that anything goes?

I've personally seen four lexical variations for htable this week.
That shouldn't really have to happen.

Tell you what. If <somebody> agrees on a complete grammar, I'll just
bet that <somebody-else> would be happy to implement it. :-)


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