Telnet Options stuff

18 Apr 1986 10:11:19 EST

Perhaps I just failed to spot it, but my impression is that
in the midst of reminding us all that New Telnet "Binary" is not
identically equal to Old Telnet "Raw" nobody ever told Phil Karn
explicitly that "Echo" doesn't imply/include either. Everybody's
probably worked it out independently, but just in case....

On the Raw vs. Binary issue, I think I recall that the "improvement"
Binary made was that you could get out of it (i.e., IACs still
applied) and I also think I was against it then. Given around 14
more years of maturity/mellowing/tiredness, I now think that in
addition to Binary, Telnet should offer a Raw Option that you
are in forever once negotiated (where forever, of course, means
until the connection is closed). If people agree, they should
probably CC: probably CC: Postel@USC-ISIB with their "votes". (No apology
seems to be needed [from me to Jon], since this mailing list is
clearly not "offical" and he'd be put to even more trouble if I
went to the bother of making the proposal in an RFC. Right, Jon?)

cheers, map

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