Re: UNIX htable and slashes

Thu, 17 Apr 86 17:28 EST

    Date: Thu 17 Apr 86 11:22:43-PST
    From: Ole Jorgen Jacobsen <OLE@SRI-NIC.ARPA>

    Foo. Berkeley petitioned us for the longest time to take the mixed case
    name contrary to our original policy. We finally gave in and said, yes
    you can have a mixed case name (in line with the domain specification).
    If this breaks UNIX, then take it up with BERKELEY, (or Berkeley) as
    most of the UNIX on the net comes from there. OK?

Bingo! This is the 1980s, after all. Even the 1970s had mixed case. I
know of some systems of the 1960s that had mixed case. When was the
last ASR-33 made, anyway?

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