NIC host table conversion

Paul E. McKenney (mckenney@sri-unix.ARPA)
Thu, 17 Apr 86 14:25:33 pst

It is rumored that a new version of the Unix utility to convert the NIC
host table exists somewhere. Is this true?
I have obtained a hacked version of the utility that handles the current host
table, but full letter-of-the-law compliance with RFC952 seems to require more
than just minor hacking. The version I have demands that at least one of the
characters in '[a-zA-Z]/-' appear in the cputype and opsysname fields, in direct
violation of the RFC, which would allow a cputype like '', for example.

Any pointers to the improved version would be deeply appreciated.
        Thanx, Paul (mckenney@sri-unix.ARPA)

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