Crime and Punishment

Ra (
Thu, 17 Apr 86 16:09:08 EST

Sending massive amounts of stuff as punishment is more likely
to punish various system administrators who have to clean the
mess up, and likely aren't culpable (remember, in distributed
systems the image of a room full of users under the admin's
watchful eye is probably misleading.)

You should have more faith in the desire people have to maintain
their image in the eyes of others and just send a quick e-mail
note if that's what you feel like doing, it should be sufficient.

It reminds me once of a conversation (years ago, when I was a young
hacker) with a faculty member about some admin who had royally teed
me off: "I'm not gonna let this one go.." "What are you gonna do?
Crash the system?" (long pause of confusion) "No, I'm gonna go to
their office and yell at them" "Oh, right" "right...".

        -Barry Shein, Boston University

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