Re: UNIX htable and slashes

Chris Torek (
Thu, 17 Apr 86 15:40:53 EST

The off-by-three error in line numbers is caused not by the lexer
scan.l, but rather by a very bogus routine in htable.c that copies
the first three comments from the input table to the Unix-style
host table. I say `very bogus' because if there are fewer than
three comment lines, it eats the first non-comment line, never to
be seen again. And of course it does not inform the error routine
of the number of lines it ate.


P.S. Lest you beleive I think the current htable is awful, no, it
is, I think, just far too trusting. There is a certain elegance in
using a generalised scanner and parser for this task. Of course
there is a certain cost as well: htable is extremely slow.

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